Four Decades of Friendship, Tribe & Mission

Harley & Krystal Elmore and Keith & Adrianne Waggoner are partners in Undisputed Mastery LLC and the 3 Major Events, in Principled Savage Intensive Training Event, and in Operation Rescue Children – the 501c3 that trains Heros to STOP Human Trafficking.

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Harley & Krystal Elmore

Krystal (aka Silak) is the Chief Operating Officer of Operation Rescue Children and co-owner of Warriors Way Martial Arts Academy in Wichita Falls. She is a trained Paramedic, a proud mother to a son, two daughters, a grandson and a granddaughter. Krystal is the relentless force behind the scenes that makes every Undisputed Mastery event possible. Her insights make her a favorite facilitator for individual breakthroughs. 

Harley (aka Tuhon) is a world renown Martial Artist, Tier One Level Military Trainer and Combat Strategist. He is the founder and Grand Master Instructor of Warriors Way International and founder, researcher and developer for Head Hunter Blades .  Harley is also co-founder and Director of Training for Operation Rescue Children. Tuhon works hand in hand with Dr. Keith creating the curriculum for the Undisputed Mastery and Principled Savage Events.

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Keith & Adrianne Waggoner

Adrianne (aka Trident) is co-owner of Strategic Edge Coaching INC, Undisputed Mastery, LLC, and Waggoner Enterprises. She is also a co-founder and supporter of Operation Rescue Children and its work. She is an Educator and Missionary who has traveled the World sharing the Gospel and Giving Aid to those in need. Adrianne is the coordinator of Dr. Keith’s Intensive Weekends and works as his Executive Assistant for their companies.  She is a loving wife and a tremendous support to Keith and his children. 

Keith (aka Veritas) is a sought after Psychologist, Researcher, and Life & Business Coach. He works with Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Performers, Teams, and Individuals. He has studied patterns of performance and success for more than 30 years. Dr. Keith is owner of Keith M Waggoner INC., Strategic Edge Coaching, and 7 other businesses in part or whole including ATF Martial Arts and Operation Rescue Children. Keith works with his partner and longtime friend Harley Elmore to create life changing Men’s Events like Undisputed Mastery & Principled Savage

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